Friday, December 9, 2022

Tommy's Birthday/I am Determined

 I was awake from 4:30 to 7:30. Tommy got up to go to the bathroom as I was going to bed. We pass in the night! I had told him to wake me at 10 am since I was told that the $1.49 turkey breast would be out by then. Well, I got dressed when I woke at 10:30 a bit miffed he did not wake me. I dressed as fast as I could and combed my hair in the car. On the way to Publix I did sing Happy Birthday in a creaky voice. He thanks me and liked the song. 

At 11 am, there was no turkey breast no matter how many people dug in that case of turkeys. Finally, it seemed that the truck was delayed so I could check back tomorrow. UGH! I did get vanilla ice cream like Tommy requested for his birthday. 

Since I had nothing to eat, I told him I was buying his lunch. We went to Arby's and had a roast beef sandwich with cheese and no red sauce. Other places nicer were too far away. We were on a tight schedule. Of course, I had to squirt Horsey Sauce on each bite. I love horseradish. One time I got the burn up my nostrils and loved it. Usually, we would eat in the park. He suggested I eat while we drove to Big Box and he would eat in the car. He had had breakfast. 

I did some quick shopping and no browsing. We left finally and got to next chore. We witnessed and almost head-on collision. That was frightening. 

It took a while to recover and we watched some of the news. Then, Tommy started peeling potatoes and carrots. We both worked. While I was trimming everything, he washed the squash and zucchini which I then cut into three inch pieces. 

Carrots, potatoes, onion went into the bag with the pork loin on top. I tied up the bag, poked holes, and put it into the oven. Maybe he put it in. I turned around to wash my hands as he stood near me, using his walker. He asked, "What are you going to do with the squash and zucchini? Oh, my gosh. I left them out of the bag. So, I cut the tie, dumped them in and he put them back into the oven. At least the pan was not hot at all. 

I said it was birthday present time. He was eager. He opened the shredder and was happy. Now, for three years he has opposed a shredder being purchased. He opened the book I got him--A Dog's Purpose. He seems like he might finally read it. I gave the old one with pages curled to Lynda. 

Life is short; eat dessert first!

Then, since dinner was still not near done, I asked him if he wanted carrot cake--"Of course!" So, we had carrot cake. I am so glad a whole cake was too expensive--$19--and we only had a slice each. He did not want ice cream on it. He hates ice cream or whipped cream on desserts, even when I whip real cream. Oh, I bought him a pack of Juicy Fruit since he likes gum and never has any unless I buy it. He is an aggressive chewer and saves it until morning, stuck onto something, so I don't encourage him. But, it is his birthday. 

Dinner smells so delicious--Applewood Pork Loin, potatoes, carrots, onion, zucchini, squash, all in a cooking bag. There is enough for another meal even if we both eat lots tonight. Plus, there will be enough for sandwiches. I bought slaw mix to go with any of the above meal if there is enough for more meals.

Determined? I will get two more turkey breasts! It is getting hard, but I will persevere. Next time, I will be at the store early on the day ad starts instead of noon the next day. But, things happened on Wednesday. No more excuses for sales. Tommy exclaimed, "Where are we going to put two breasts?"

I am determined to get two more in the stuffed freezer! I can thaw and cook one, if push comes to shove. One time about 8 years ago, I put three turkey breasts in one turkey bag and sent Tommy's home with him. It can be done. 

I ordered a Christmas cd for when Lynda comes to visit. Later tonight, I will listen to it and see if it is good. This will be a "party" done right. We might have dancing! jk

At 8:30, I called Publix. The meat truck has not come in yet. So, someone must stay until it gets there. At least, at this point there will be turkey breasts in the morning. We would not have gone in tonight, anyway. 

I asked Tommy if he wanted any ice cream. "At about 10:30." So, he is enjoying his birthday. Cake, ice cream, shredder, gum, a good dinner, Auburn t-shirt, and a book made him happy. The flashlight and head lamp can wait until Christmas. 

Are specials and sales becoming hard to find because of low stock? 

Do you ever become determined to get the deal?


  1. I am a little maniac about getting the good deals. In fact, I will be going back to the store tomorrow to get some more of those $2.00 eggs. I got four dozen, two for my son, I took one across the street (widow). She has just completed chemo so pretty weak. She can't go out right now.

    If I lived close you could borrow my big electric roaster. I can fit two turkey breast or two whole chickens in that thing. They are to tender and juicy when I use it.

    Glad Tommy had a good birthday and it sounds like you felt good today as well. Will the store give you rain checks for the turkey if you don't get them? The store here will give me a rain check for things they run out of.

    1. Texas,
      I would love to get some $2.00 eggs. I am sure the widow will appreciate those eggs.
      I could get a roaster, but then I would have to clean it! So, this is a back-saving measure. Thanks.
      Tommy just had ice cream. I had a bit with banana sliced over it. Publix just started giving rain checks. But, they have to get the item. If they quit getting the Publix brand turkey breasts, then there is nothing to use the rain checks and get. During the pandemic, they quit all rain checks, senior day and all stores did the same. Boo But, now rain checks are backs.

  2. Happy birthday to Tommy! Sounds like a nice day.

  3. Happy Birthday to Tommy! I'm the same way. I've never eaten ice cream or cream with any cakes or pies (tarts as we call it) until I moved here & I still don't do it. I would've given up on that turkey breast by now. I hope you find some without having to waste another trip. The good news is that we have multiples of the same stores near us. This is why I prefer to stay in this area, because of all the convenience.

    1. Ms Goose,
      He said, "Thank you." That price is too good to give up. We have many stores close to us, just none with this price. Publix is a pricey store, so this is a good deal. There are other Publix where we can shop, but they are probably out, too. This Publix is only a mile from us, so convenient.

    2. Ms Goose,
      I forgot to say, I love ice cream on pies, cakes, brownies, lots of desserts. He had a bowl of ice cream at almost midnight last night.

  4. Belated best wishes for a happy birthday, Tommy

  5. Belated birthday wishes for everyone's favorite irascible old codger, Tommy! Long may your walking stick wave in indignation! LOL!! Sounds like he had a great dinner, presents, and birthday slice to celebrate.

    Yes, I am determined to get deals if I can. We just bought 3 custom blinds for some windows, at 30% off. One of the blinds was wrong--they sent us someone else's. We returned it to the big box (they had to take it back because it was wrong) and ordered a new one. They said, "Well, we can only give you 20% off on this one." I said, "Nuh-uh! Had the order been filled correctly, we wouldn't be reordering. So we'll accept 30% off!" Took a long time plus mgr approval, but we did get the 30% we were due.

    1. Sue,
      He says, Thank you. He really did enjoy the day.
      It seems if they did not give you the same deal, you would have been within your rights to return the whole order since you ordered three and one was wrong. I stick to my guns over things like that, too. I am willing to wait and wait while they confirm I can have the deal. Good for you.

  6. I need to consult with Mr D about Christmas Eve dinner (our daughter will visit with the kids) I would like to do a roast, but beef is so expensive.

    1. Rhitter94,
      Yes, beef is very expensive. Fortunately, I am allergic to mammal products and have always loved chicken and turkey better. Lucky me! Maybe you could splurge just once and cut back later.

  7. Happy belated Birthday to Tommy. I hope you find the turkey soon. I haven't seen many bone-in Turkey breasts around here like I usually do.

    1. Lori,
      Thanks from him. I rarely see boneless turkey breasts. They must ship only a dozen at a time, because they disappear fast.

  8. Please tell Mr. Tommy I hope these next twelve months are splendid ones for him.


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