Monday, June 5, 2023

50 Cent Bargains

 I really did not feel like going into a store, so Tommy did. I needed tulle since Lowe's did not have the cover I needed to protect the blackberries. 

I bought Sweet Petite Little Finger Carrots seeds. I know it is late to start. But, I cannot find the carrot seeds here. I need to grow two pounds of carrots to break even on the Ferry-Morse $1.99 package of seeds from Lowe's. 

He found a ten-yard bolt of white tulle for $10. While I have not priced white tulle lately, this seems like a good price, reasonable price. Libby's canned pumpkin, the kind I use for holidays--$.50. It was dated Oct 2024. Stove Top Stuffing was also $.50 and dated 11-2023. Heinz Family Size jar of gravy is dated 2024 and was $.50. Tommy always calls to see if it is a good deal. I called my friend who buys for a food bank and told her. Maybe your WM will have the same bargain. 

All food in packaging for the shelf must stop at my chair. All the new cans/jars/boxes are labeled and moved to the bedroom. This is an ongoing task it seems, but necessary to keep eating the older foods and keep us eating the things with a near date. Since I label top and front of the can, it is easier to see what I am looking at and eating. 

Today started off brilliantly sunny. Now, it is overcast. But, it is still warm--84F. 

I need to go and move my snake near the one blackberry ripening fast. The tulle covering can wait until tomorrow. 

I need to go into the kitchen and cook already sliced yellow squash, zucchini, and onion. Tommy is having the squash/onions, salad, and chicken thigh. I will have the last bit of ground beef and onion, salad, squash/onions. 

Two things I must do tomorrow:

1--find a bird wing and deliver it and pattern to man who will cut the wings. Buying a 2x8 is part of this task.

2--find a video on what to buy to water pots and not a soaker hose like the guy showed me today! I do want a timer for it. Or, maybe not.

3--Maybe we could plant carrots. 

There were calls I needed to make today. But, nothing was accomplished on that front! Those are on the list of things to do, too.

Have you ever watered plants in hanging pots with tubes for water from the faucet?

Do you grow carrots? 


  1. I do hope your carrots grow well.
    Here in the UK, we can sow Carrot ‘Short n Sweet’ seeds from March to the end of July (early spring to midsummer). Best to sow a row of seeds every week or two to produce a continuous harvest of carrots.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks, I hope they grow well, too. I am planting these in 12" pots. I may plant a different pot of carrots each week because we can eat a lot of carrots.

  2. Linda, I finally shopped for Red Delicious apples today and wanted to tell you that your technique WORKED!! I picked up way too many apples--I was a little embarrassed at how many apples I was pawing! All of the ones I picked up had wide open blossom ends. Very discouraging.

    But I went for the back of the pile and finally found a single Red Delicious that had a closed blossom end. I put it in the fridge to chill it (I like my apples cold) and just had half was CRISPY AND CRUNCHY!!! I am amazed! I think Red Delicious apples are back on the menu. :^)

    Because I really was worried about touching so many apples, from now on I will slip a produce bag over my hand before I start checking them out. Then other shoppers won't be disgusted by my pawing through the display.

    I learn so much useful stuff here. Thank you, Linda! :^D :^D :^D

    1. Sue,
      I am so glad for you. One day, I went in and touched a couple of dozen apples and found one I hope would be okay. It barely was. Don't worry about getting your dirty hands on the apples. What did the apples transfer to you???

      Remember that I said the end opening and being off cold storage were the problem? Well, you do want to put them in the refrigerator.

      Do you think those apple pickers had on gloves? I don't worry if I see people touching apples, I just clean apples as I am ready to eat them. Do not wash and store them. Don't drop an apple using those slippery bags.

      I try to impart messages. You are welcome.

    2. Yes, you are right. Those apples have been touched by many hands. But if I saw a shopper touching every apple in a display, I'd be thinking, "What the hell?! Geez, why don't you just lick them as well?!" It's just a gross-out issue.

      So I will use a bag to cover my hand before I start sorting through the apples. It will make ME feel better about what I'm doing, too. I was very embarrassed by what I did, but I did not think about using a bag over my hand until afterward...

    3. Sue,
      LOL...okay. You won't catch Hepatitis that way.

  3. Linda, I have been buying COSMIC CRISP apples. They are always juicy and CRISP. I hope that you will give one a try.

    They are large red apples with a sweet/tart taste. They are a cross between an Enterprise and a Honey Crisp apple. I read that they are slow to oxidize and are suitable for fresh and cooked applications.

    "Cosmic Crisp is an American apple with the variety designation 'WA 38'. Breeding began in 1997 at the Washington State University Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center in Wenatchee, Washington"

    1. Janet,
      I will try one. I think that is what I could not eat the week before. I will look for one next time I go to the grocery. Thanks.

  4. I must have misses something. Why couldn't you eat an apple?


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