Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Purple Daylily and Fried Fish


Today, I finally took the cardinal wing pattern and one of the wings and delivered them to the guy who will cut them for me. The last place cut them wrong.

When I went to Lowe's for something I could not find, I went to the half-dead plant area and found a pot with daylilies--Purple D' Oro. There are several blossoms ready. Tommy watered it. Tomorrow, I will clean it up, riding it of dead matter.  The strawberry daylily I bought at the plant sale is read to bloom. 

Earlier in the afternoon, we went to see the church that burned here a few days ago. It was sad, appearing to be completely gutted. And Tommy showed me where he lived just before he bought this house. We were actually looking for a certain food truck. We knew where her commissary was, so went there. A cook was gathering the tables and chairs, taking them indoors. He told us where to find the food truck on FB, so we could find her. She lists her locations each day of the week. I asked the guy what kind of food they cook. He pointed to his food truck and said it was all soul food. In his restaurant I suppose it was different food. I asked him what he cooked today--fish and chicken. 

He obviously took a liking to me. I was talking to the older man, a cook, who said he was through cooking for the day. The owner came out with a styrofoam to go box and handed it to me. I was so surprised. He said it was fish. Well, I opened it and started eating with my hands, pinching off bites and devouring the fish. After I thanked him profusely, we drove off. Only then did I realize he had handed me a pack of utensils! I was sort of embarrassed. 

We will go back there to eat one day. I have not had hush puppies in years! Soul Food is notoriously unhealthy, but maybe this place is different.

I told Tommy we were eating purple cauliflower for dinner. He always turns up his nose. I handed him a small piece, about the size of the last joint in my little finger. He ate it without turning up his nose, making a face or spitting it out. We had plenty of protein today, so I am baking vegetables--purple cauliflower, carrots, and potatoes. I put them is a glass casserole with olive oil, garlic powder, and onion powder. They were delicious. He served his own plate. I noticed he had a generous helping of purple cauliflower. So, I suppose he has been converted. 

I have a whole chicken thawing. Tomorrow, I will bake it in the oven or put it in the crockpot. We have potatoes, purple cauliflower, and slaw. So, dinner will be easy. We did not have many carrots to have those leftover. NO! There is no more cauliflower for leftovers. Tommy ate it all! So, he really does like purple cauliflower...lol. 

For the last two or three days, he has been telling me about new flowers that grew from an empty container, asking me what they were. Finally, I stopped on the way to the car. I had bought a six-pack of pink Wave Petunias last summer. When I became ill, they burned up in the heat. Now, two of the tiny pots have a petunia each. I will put those in a hanging pot. 

I had a seed ball and a postcard with paper embedded with seed. Both went into identical pots. Both concepts were wildflowers. One of the pots has a plant with purple flowers. It is about 18 inches tall. I am quite sure these wildflowers would be labeled "weeds," We certainly are enjoying all the flowers even if they are weeds. 

I decided I will no longer buy Nature's Own Keto. It is too thick, hard to gnaw off a sandwich. From now on, I will buy Arnold's. It has three grams per slice, just one more gram than NO, but that is okay. 

The day went well, considering I only slept four hours! It was a good day with no frustrations or arguments with Tommy. No pushbacks, just cooperation. We enjoyed our impromptu ride, the flowers at home, and the birds flying around here. Of course, the fried fish was wonderful. 

Do you like fried fish? Not the Captain D kind. 

Are you surprised when flowers reseed so late? These pots of petunias have been out of the utility room for over two months. 

Has the smoke from Canada affected your skies? 


  1. we have a haze from it, acts like there is a lot of pollen in the air

    1. Chef,
      We had yellowish skies for one day, but I hear it will be back. The sunset pictures around here from the haze are spectacular. The smoke probably is as bad for our lungs as pollen.

  2. I bet that purple lily will be beautiful. I love fried fish.
    We have been having haze here in Indiana for a while now - they say from Canada. We so need rain to cleanse the air.

  3. Cheryl,
    I think it will be spectacular. I am hoping to see a bloom on Thursday. We have had rain right along, thankfully.

  4. That Purple D' Oro is beautiful! And with the D'Oro name, I'll bet it's a rebloomer, too. I'm going to look for it at my Lowes.

    I love fried fish. Baked, broiled, grilled--I don't think there's a fish I don't like. Except for raw fish. I won't eat that, due to a terrible time I had with scallop ceviche. I was sick as a dog for a full week. I thought my innards were dissolving, it was so bad. I still shudder from the memories! But fried fish and hush puppies? Bring 'em on!

    We are very much overcast from the smoke here in CT. There's a good breeze blowing, and it doesn't smell smoky--just faintly "peculiar." There are faint shadows being cast by the sun who is trying its mightiest to shine through. But no dice. We are under air quality warnings until tomorrow.

    1. Sue,
      I found the daylily in the reduced rack in the back. It was only $3.01 with tax.
      Only home caught and cooked fish appeals to me. And, I like it fried. I hate salmon unless it comes from a can. If I were ill from fish like you were, I would never touch it again.
      Thanks for the report on the smoke. I would be wearing a mask.


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