Friday, June 9, 2023

Groceries and Tupperware

Chocolate above was less than $1 for 3 oz. bar.

 Of course, yesterday's good sleep is followed by a 4-hour nap last night. But, I did get up at 8:30 and start the day with a bit of reading on the internet. I washed my hair and bathed. 

Then, between the two of us, we put a chicken in the crockpot. We have our movements and separate tasks for all of this. Neither of us moves until we inform the other. That way, we are never bumped off our feet. Today, I have really been dizzy since I ate and don't know why. So, Tommy carries the 

In a bit, we are off to take recycling to Publix and get milk for Tommy, apples for me. The ads were not much this week, forgot what. But, the pork butts are $1.89 or something close to that price. Hopefully, Tommy will go in and get it since this store is the most difficult for me to get into and out of as I have to walk to far. Carts are not allowed outside of the store. I was told it was for my safety because if it rained, I might be electrocuted on the electric cart. 

Why do people think customers are ignorant. Can you imagine how an electric cart maker could stay in business if carts were that dangerous? I honestly think some of the doom peddlers believe it themselves. 

Tommy went into the store that carts are kept in the store only and bought a huge pork butt. One of us will cut it in half, cook one piece and freeze the other half. 

Then, we saw or Tupperware lady from Mississippi, stopped and shopped. She remembered my name and the fact I wanted a pie keeper. (She said she had my name and what I wanted in her phone.) But, she did not have one. I did find things to replace what went into the dump--pasta keeper, tall and skinny container for juice or whatever, midgets or smidgets or something, and another tall cylindrical container ($5 piece that sold for $25 originally. Tommy even paid for it, volunteered because I did not have my checkbook and she did not take cards. I bought the one piece for $5 that was $25. I suppose it was not a good seller or it was the last she had. 

This woman comes from Mississippi and sets up in a grocery store parking lot across from her family's restaurant. She spends the night with family. So, her only cost is gas to get here. She knows I cannot get out of the car and stand for long, so she cheerfully brings me what I want to see and shows me new items. I told Tommy that I would not have spent a dime if she acted like I was an irritant, a problem. Of course, I do have to sit while she waits on others who come to shop. 

Publix--Peter Pan PB bogo, gal of Publix milk for Tommy, dried marjoram, dried oregano, apples, bananas, tiny teeth grater. I had to get a rain check for Angel Soft. Diet Coke Caffeine Free, and Special K.

The Pig--bologna, hotdogs for the freezer, a2milk two half gallons that cost $2.85/half gallon as opposed to $4.99 at Publix, Vidalia onions, free mustard for buying $10 of groceries.

We were so tired when we arrived home about 6 pm. However, the chicken in the crockpot was delicious smelling and falling-off-the-bone done. Tommy made himself a salad and I put chicken on his plate. He had the last of the herb butter on a piece of French bread or some bread that was not loaf bread. I had chicken breast, and slaw. Shortly before dinner I was starving and had a huge salad. 

Tommy and I were discussing salad dressings. He hates Ranch Dressing, and I love it. He prefers Italian and I prefer not to have vinegar because I am allergic to it. However, I do love Italian dressing. Well, he told me he had been eating Ranch Dressing. I was shocked. He said he put either sweet or dill relish on top of the Ranch on his salad. So, I will make dressing for him and let him put in the amount of relish he likes before I put it in a jar with lid. I am trying to avoid all the stuff in store bought dressing that is an allergen for me or that is bad for us. 

Okay, it is 10:30 and the chicken is cool enough for Tommy to take meat off the bone. I may make chicken and dumplings on Saturday because I have sale dumplings to add. We will see. 

Have you ever had a Endangered Species Chocolate bar? 

I am going to use Anne's recipe for salad dressing first, but do you have a good dressing recipe?

Are you a Tupperware fan or not? 


  1. Caramel Spiced Apple and Dark Chocolate don't float my boat as a combo but separately? Heck ya! lol

    1. slugmama,
      Thankfully, there was just a little gooey caramel taste in the center. I would have preferred all chocolate, but I powered through.

    2. slugmama,
      Thankfully, there was just a little gooey caramel taste in the center. I would have preferred all chocolate, but I powered through.

  2. Not sure what happened to my comment, so apologies if this is a repeat. I always buy the Endangered Species chocolate when I find it on a post holiday clearance. It's quite good. I am with Tommy on disliking Ranch. None of us really care for it here, preferring bleu cheese. It was difficult for my kids when they were younger when all the school party veggie trays came, always, with ranch for dipping. I will use a packet of Ranch mix, however, if I am making a Mississippi pot roast. As for Tupperware, I've never had any, and typically dislike plastic for food storage, but my kids did buy me a set of this Nordicware cake storage for a gift. I like it because I can store it on the top shelf of the pantry, and not worry about it breaking, or bonking me on the head when I pull it down.

  3. Meg,
    I have only heard of Endangered Species in the last few months. It is all sort of weird, but it does have chocolate. Reduced, it is cheap enough and okay.
    I love bleu cheese, but hate the dressing. Ranch on a pot roast does sound enticing.
    I have always loved Tupperware, bought little. But, over the years collected lots. I will check out the cake storage. Now, they have stuff to cook food. I wonder.
    I do agree with storing it high and not worrying about being injured or breaking it. The glass storage I have now is dangerous.

  4. The Best Friend's sister sold me a set of Tupperware in the early 90s and it keeps on going.

    1. Urspo,
      Some of mine from the 60s are still going, but most are in the dump.

  5. I do not put warm food into Tupperware (or anything plastic) nor will I heat food in it as it's bad for you. I put cold things in it or things that do not to be heated only. For leftovers or reheating, I use glass containers or Pyrex dishes.

    1. Alice,
      For years, I made oatmeal in my cereal bowl. But, heated or cooked nothing else. Now, I use glass for cereal. Tommy liked to cook in cheap plastic. Now, he does not, but I would bet he would if I were not around. Or, maybe I have made a believer out of


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