Friday, September 22, 2023

It has been so long

 I have forgotten the exact order of things. However, we got up on Monday to go the Cullman to Office Max or Depot and the guy I needed to talk with was out of the store for the day. So, we planned to go on Tuesday, and I did not want to go. We went Wednesday and picked up our lunch from a church--grilled chicken with dish of bbq sauce, corn, green beans, little slice of butter bread, and two cookies. We also had the identical thing for dinner.

The guy came out to the car and took the burned laptop inside. He came back with info insurance and numbers for me to call. Then, I gave him laptop we bought two days or so after this one and decided to not even open. That went well. So, Tommy has over $1k back in his account. And, I should be getting a check for this one, actually that will go into his account, too. 

The sale on chairs interested me, but I would have to go inside. No luck with getting a new surge protector. I forgot what else I tried to buy. 

I found Miracle Whip bogo which made it $5.40 or something like that. Used the bathroom, went to PO, and came home.

The laptop had to sleep outdoors the first night. It camped out in the bathtub on a metal baking pan in a tiled showed stall for two nights. I was really afraid it would blaze to life again.
Unfortunately, this laptop cannot recharge, so it must stay plugged in at all time in order to use it. Plus, none of my passwords are evident. AND, it has a whine and scream and rat-tat-ing noise all the time. So, I cannot use it when Tommy is asleep. 

I got into my Yahoo account and into my blog, so all is better. 

A fly has been cruising the house, buzzing around me and any food we are trying to eat or cook. He even buzzed my hair. I could feel his wings making a breeze or something.  I resorted to running to Lowe's and getting fly strips. I hate those nasty-looking things. But, I hate the fly more. I even had Tommy stay with me in the kitchen while I was removing the pork loin and vegetables from the cooking bag. It has gotten dark and cool now, so he is sleeping, I suppose. 

My big chores for the day were replacing my electric candles' batteries and going through a tote bag of mail. The batteries in the Red Kiss were replaced and all eight batteries were put in the battery recycling Planter's Peanuts jar. Between Tommy and I, we removed pertinent information from my mail to shred and put rest in two places--paper to recycle or newsprint items to go the Animal Shelter.  

For some reason Belk's sent me a check for $8.98. And, Belk's sent me a coupon for $10 to use instore. 

Finally, I quit coughing. The guaifenesin made it a productive cough. So, it is gone. I only cough when I swallow something the wrong way. I am so relieved to be rid of the cough. 

Finally, I felt like going into Publix and shopping. When Tommy goes in, he comes out with all sorts fo chips and cookies. I have not been in a store for about a month. 

While I was in Lowe's shopping for fly strips, I noticed Christmas is going up. On the way to find the strips, I was horrified by an apparent boneyard. Someone was hanging skeletons and left them on a platform. They looked like a heap of bones, a boneyard.  It was spooky. I want a large skeleton and a stack of three pumpkins, but I will just dream about them. 

Oh, speaking of dreaming, I have been dreaming since I started taking melatonin. I was having an in-depth discussion with someone about the ceiling fans that can be screwed into a light socket in the ceiling. Tommy and I, another night, were having an equally scintillating conversation about something, forgot what. 

The humidity is incredibly low, so days, and especially evenings with low temperatures have been pleasantly not torrid or muggy. I don't rush to start the car as soon as I get into it. 

What fine chores have you accomplished? 

Has the humidity and heat become more tolerable where you live? 


  1. I've had a lot going on this week too. Most of it is done now, which makes me happy. Glad Tommy was able to get the money back into his account.

    1. Belinda,
      I am glad you got everything done. I wish I had. He is always happy to get money. I was supposed to pay it back slowly, but did not since I was getting refund.

  2. So is the laptop you are currently using a loaner? Or did you buy it?

    I don't have enough imagination to find a pile of plastic bones spooky. As far as I'm concerned, a "boneyard" is merely the pile of dominoes than you can pick from when you are playing the game.

    I don't have weird dreams on melatonin. I have them on NyQuill, and I won't take it anymore because of that.

    I did have an extremely bizarre dream on Monday night (no OTC drugs involved). Someone was insisting that I eat the Body of Christ. I said, "Okay, if I must." He then produced a chunk of cooked meat that looked just like brisket. I was thoroughly grossed out but picked a few shreds and ate it, gagging. He then tried to stab me with a knife. That's when I woke up.

    So there you have it--Jesus tastes like brisket. LOL. Ew! LOL. Ew!

    1. This is the old one I replaced. It took the laptop two hours to open. Just now, it took 30 minutes and squealed the whole time! I also have two other old ones that have info on it them that must be removed by a professional with magic.

      That was an extremely weird dream.

  3. "I got into my Yahoo account and into my blog, so all is better."
    That's so good :)

    We've had a lot of rain in the UK this week. I managed to get some washing done yesterday and did the ironing today ... then sat down and enjoyed a lovely cup of tea :)

    All the best Jan

    1. We are in the driest part of our year. Getting the laundry done is always satisfying.

  4. No flies or humidity here but it still feels bloody hot.

    1. Urspo,
      I got rid of the fly by buying fly paper. The fly did not land on it, so I suppose I frightened it away. I hate flies.


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