Monday, September 18, 2023

Laptop Fire

 Yesterday, so this may not work for long. I read all comments and posted. I might not be able to comment right now.

I kept smelling something. Laptop was leaning against the floor. Then, I was overcome and could barely breathe to use inhaler. We did check house and outdoors for the problem. 

When I picked up laptop, it burned my nightgown and a finger or two. I yelled for Tommy to take the cord which I unplugged, he tried to grab the very hot tip instead of the cord, so matter how hard I tried to get him not to take that part. So, lots of yelling and cursing on his part. We were both shocked at the heat. I have no idea how this works now. But, will get new laptop since I paid for insurance for the first time ever. 

We were headed out this morning, but tech person not at store. 

It was actually cool out when we went to store at 7 tonight. Temp is 63 degrees. Unbelievable. However, we know heat will go back up. 

I told Tommy to come fast and save me if I yell about this laptop hurting me. Amazing that it works. 

Okay, going to try and answer comments. Sorry to confuse you,

Forgot to say, laptop was in my lap and burned my nightgown!


  1. My goodness - I have never heard of such a thing. Hoping you are both OK and that nothing else caught fire.

  2. Your laptop must have a lithium battery. They've been known to go sideways. Sorry your nightie got burned--but better it than your lap!

  3. Patience above! What a title and what an entry !


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