Sunday, October 1, 2023

Those Church People

A fellow blogger, Joe from Fat in Indiana has published a book, Suburban Moon. I read it in two sittings. It is a great read. I purchased the paperback copy and loved it. Go to his blog and hear more. I think he put a link to it on Thursday. It is not that it is so easy, I just read quickly and I did stay up late reading. I was barely able to put it down.

 I went into a store today and only interacted with two people, both rude and on their way to church.  I was trying to move down and aisle and was blocked by a guy behind his female companion. I asked three time for a guy to "excuse me." He looked around and asked me what I wanted and why I was talking to him. I said, "I said 'excuse me' three times." He then looked at me harshly and said, "You are a jerk, leave me alone." The female dragged him off. I just went on my way.

On the way back across the store, a cart was stopped by a whole line of carts. I turned to my right, wondering if that guy was still in the store. He turned around and scowled at me. "Don't you come over here looking at me." Then, he repeated it. Traffic was moving, so I did too. However, I put my hand up and said twice, "What is wrong with you?" The woman was turning him around to go with her. 

I think he had a problem.

Then, I went to the back of the store and could not get by because of a cart of merchandise in front of me. I could see no employees around. Finally, I asked three women if one of them would push the cart forward for me, explaining it was right in front of what I was trying to buy. They all came over and the older one said to me as I sat on the electric cart, "Why don't you just push it with the cart?" Amazed. I asked her if she would move it. She said, "You can push it. Go ahead and do it." 

I told her I would try to find an employee. I left as she said, "Good." 

Another employee greeted me and asked how I was tonight. I told her I was doing great until I interacted with the church people in the store. She frowned and said that was the truth, that they were the nastiest people in the store. She said she would think they would be happier and more pleasant on their way to church or having just been to church. 

What is wrong with these church people? 

Earlier, I asked Tommy if he wanted to go to Sam's. He agreed and two hours later, at 4 pm, he said, "Let's go if we are going!" Boom! So, I quickly sliced chicken and cheese to take with me, put on clothes and we left. It was a whirlwind leaving.

At Sam's he seemed to have a list in his head, calling off what he wanted next. Well, at home he said he just kept seeing things he needed. We got milk for him, generic Claritin, double box of Raisin Bran, two packages of disposable cups (the thing I wanted), vitamins, and other such stuff. 

It was a great visit because we got to examine all the new Halloween decorations, some twelve feet tall. For about one minute, we laughed and oohed and aahed at the little kids Halloween costumes. Tommy drank a Pepsi, and I had chocolate yogurt. We also took a roll around and looked at Christmas lawn decorations right next to Halloween decorations.

Tommy stopped at a machine and used his Sam's card and received free pack of Tide and a free pack of the stuff that makes a sweet scent in the laundry. Ugh! 

I wanted something from Joannes, but we were there are 5:59. The doors were locked, lights off, and not a soul in sight. I suppose their clock was funning fast. 

Although I slept 8 hours last night, my energy level did not reflect an abundance of sleep or rest today. 

I saw a hummingbird today and yesterday. 

I decided I will mash potatoes for Thanksgiving and freeze them. That is an October chore. 

Do you ever go to Sam's? 

Have you noticed that the church crowd is not nice in the grocery store? 

Do you follow the blog Fat in Indiana? 


  1. What church are those people attending? I am a Christian.
    Going to church does not make you a Christian.
    Living out your faith in your daily life
    Is important.
    One does not have to attend church
    to treat other human beings decently.
    I frequently get things from shelves for handicapped people when shopping.
    I let people in front of me in the grocery stores.
    It always shocks people when I do .
    By the way I am older and walk with a cane. I'm sorry you were treated so badly.
    But nothing people do surprises me anymore.

    1. savannah,
      Oh, I do agree that going to church does not make a person a Christian or kind.
      Before I rode in the cart, I was the designated person for getting things down from the shelf. Most people are very helpful. I was very shocked at the attitude of these people since I had not felt like going into the grocery store for weeks. Thanks.

  2. Just maybe the guy was having a really bad day for some reason - it seems that happens. How, do you know they were headed to church? You were there and you weren't. We never know what is going on in someone else's life!

    1. Cheryl,
      Church clothes. He should learn not to visit his problems on other people.

  3. Sorry those people were so rude to you in the store, P.P. Some can be. I think it depends on the church. Where I live, there's a strong LDS presence and many LDS churches. You'd be hard pressed to find nicer, more helpful people. Also there's a large Catholic church and school, and a few smaller ones, and the folks are very friendly and cheerful. They all have food pantries of their own and do a lot, not just for the parish, but the community. There aren't many other denominational churches in my area, but lots of non-denominational ones, and they tend to be... how to say this kindly... "US versus THEM". Not all, mind you. There aren't many rude folks here, but we're in a very remote, rural mountain area. The nearest Sam's Club is a 3+ hour drive away.

    Thank you again for understanding my own conflict with a family member who's very much like the folks in your grocery store. --Elise

    1. Elise,
      I do understand the "US versus THEM" attitude. He definitely had some kind of problem. We would not be shopping at Sam's if it were that far away. Or, we would go with a written list and spend many hours and $$$.
      I could tell you were being treated unfairly, just did not know the type person you were dealing with.

  4. I've not been to Sam's since before he pandemic, but I do shop there online and have it delivered through Instacart. Sounds like you had to deal with some rude people at the grocery store. That is a shame they had to be ugly to you. I don't know what is wrong with some people these days.

    1. Belinda,
      We should have things delivered. They were not Nice at all.

  5. No Sam's here. Costco is our jam, as the kids say. We joke that a trip to Costco, no matter why we go, takes 3 hours, and $300.
    Ah, the church crowd. Around here, they are positively hateful--that is to say, the contingency from a few churches here. I'll leave it at that. If only they could free their minds...

    1. Meg,
      We managed to get out with less than $100, but the store was closing. Plus, Tommy was not amenable to looking around more. I did not know his feet were hurting. I don't know where these people went to church, just nasty.

  6. Church people do seem to be the antithesis of what you would expect. Is Fat in Indiana's book fiction? I used to read his blog but his political opinions are so often misinformed and distressing to me so I stopped

    1. Obscure,
      Yes, it is fiction. Oh, his opinions are distressing to me, too. I have no idea how people come to their opinions. I just grit my teeth and ignore the opinions. Try the book.

  7. I think he probably had mental problems.

    1. Kim,
      When he got upset when he thought I came to look at him, I knew he had a mental problem, diagnosed or just in general.

  8. I got SO scared for you as I read about that angry man in the store.

    Have you heard the story about the Broadway coach who was shoved to the ground and died 5 days later? Here's the story:

    That was in my mind as I read YOUR story! That man could have shoved you in his senseless rage and paralyzed or killed you. I'm SO glad he did not go after you! And maybe his girlfriend was with him, but she could not have stopped him from attacking you.

    All this to say, just be extra careful. And get away from the angry ones ASAP.

    Joe in Indiana, huh? I don't support idiot ideology like his--I don't care how good his book is.

    1. Sue,
      It was scary.

      I did read about that woman killing the guy with a shove. I have been following it. Because she showed no remorse, she got more time than she would have.

      There was a long distance between us when he was yelling at me for looking at him. He was within two inches of me the first time.

      I do like Joe. I will read books from persons I like but do not agree with on issues.

    2. 8.5 years for murdering someone in cold blood is not nearly enough time. That useless piece of crap should suffer horribly every single day in jail.

    3. Sue,
      I was shocked at the short length of time. It seems like twenty years would be a short sentence for her. It is disappointing.

  9. If the man was continually disagreeable and the woman with him was trying to remove him from the conflict I would assume there was an issue with something neurological.
    I watched my mom turn on a dime sometimes from her normal personality to an ogre. All you could do in those situations was try to steer her to somewhere else.

    1. Anne,
      She was turning him both time, turning his head and then his shoulders. I did not realize that about your mother.

  10. I have heard before that the "church crowd" is extremely difficult. It's disappointing


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