Monday, October 2, 2023

Leopard, not Tiger and Unstoppables

 I am really on the ball. /s Even though I was aware of Saturday and Sunday, it was 2 pm when I figured out it was Monday. Why did I think it was Sunday? No idea. 

There were things I planned--phone calls that must be done during the day and during the week. Well, I got two of those done. One still stymies me since it goes against all I know and read. Maybe tomorrow, I can figure it out. 

In the comments, a person asked a question and caused me to realize my huge mistake. Let's chalk it up to brain fog. I certainly know better. 

When I was talking about the man in kilts, I said it had a tiger print. It absolutely did not. It was leopard print. That mistake has been corrected. I feel silly. 

I would have mentioned Auburn Tigers if it had been a tiger print. Never mind me.

Here is the post HERE

Today, Tommy was going to wash the kitchen things. So, I had him add the free pack of UNSTOPPABLES, the fragrance enhancer, to the laundry. He did. and dried them. During the drying process, I could smell the scent enhancer in the house. Tommy could, too. 

The washing machine is off the carport in the utility room. I am amazed it was so strong inside. 

I had him rewash, just in vinegar. After he dried them, they still stunk. So, I folded a few towels to use between Monday evening and tomorrow when he rewashes the load. I know that hanging them on the line would probably solve a lot of the problem, but there will be no going to the clothes line.

Since I will probably start talking nonsense because I am so tired, this will be it for Monday. 

Have you ever told or written something as untrue as the story of the tiger print when it should have been leopard print? 

Have you ever smelled the horrendously sweet scent of Unstoppables? Does it suffocate you like it does me? 


  1. I don't care for the perfume like scent of the Unstoppables either, it's just too much. I call all of those prints animal prints and that covers them all, LOL

    1. Belinda,
      I had to get out my inhaler after smelling the product from the laundry room outdoors. I suppose I will have to go generic, too.

  2. I don't use any product like that, including fabric softeners, because I cannot bear the fumes from the fragrance, and the residue on the fabric irritates my skin. I vividly remembering flying in late to our Panhandle place. The housekeeper had washed all the bedding as I asked, but used copious amounts of fabric softener. I was up until the wee hours washing and drying all the bedding and throw quilts before any of us could go to bed. With laundry, I pre-treat any stains with Dawn dish liquid, and use only the bare minimum of laundry detergent, usually Arm and Hammer Clean Burst, as it seems to cause no problems. Though I'm not supposed to, as we have a septic system, I do add a scant cap of bleach to the sheets. Chemical sensitivities are serious. As a fellow sufferer, I would advise you to get rid of the Unstoppables. Give it away if you must, but do not use it.

    1. I do understand your problems. I used a gentle Amway detergent and my baby was red and raw where here face touched the sheet. I spent a good part of the day and night rewashing all the clothes, bedding that was washed in the new detergent. Now, I use ALL free and clear.
      This was a sample size, so it is all gone. Tommy threw the little package in the kitchen garbage, but I had him throw it in the trash outdoors.

  3. I don't even use fabric softener - because I can't stand the smell. Unscented soap as well. When my neighbor does laundry the whole area outside smells of fabric softener ICK! I find it sickening.
    I have also read the those beads are really not good for us as well. I can't remember the exact reason - but remember they said they can cause health issues.

    1. Cheryl,
      That is a powerful scent to fill the neighborhood. Anything that causes me to use an inhaler immediately is not good. Things with a scent can worsen or cause asthma.

  4. I've only recently bought the fragrance beads to add to the wash because sometimes towels and some clothing can start to smell. I only use a small fraction of a capful due to the strength of the smell. It works out great and a smallish container will last forever. They are quite expensive so I'm glad to stretch it out. I didn't used to like those things at all but these days I don't mind so much. I do know one can use other things like vinegar but I have to lug a big jug of vinegar home on foot. I'd rather save that for some special cleaning assignments.

    1. Joyful,
      Lugging home a gallon of vinegar would be impossible. Can you use baking soda.


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